Data Studio Overview

The below shows an overview of our Data Studio homepage and the features on the page.

Quick start steps: Select Asset > Choose Parameters > Add to Series

  • Asset Selection - On the left-hand side of the data table, select an Asset from your Asset list.
  • Parameters Display - Once an Asset is selected, the Parameters below the Asset selection are displayed. Select one or more Parameters, then click the Add to Series button.
  • Visualisation Toolbar - The toolbar along the top of the Visualisation provides options to save, reset, open & export Visualisations. This means you can experiment with different Assets and Parameters and then save it as a Visualisation when you are satisfied with the data being reported. As well as creating new Visualisations, this toolbar also has the option to open existing Visualisations. Note: Only users with the ‘Advanced’ or ‘Admin’ role can create/edit visulisations.
  • Data Visualisation - The data will be shown in the centre of the page. 
  • Chart Options - Underneath the data you will be able to expand the time options bar to filter your data. Time Range (including Live Data) can be set using a calendar selection tool to view data for a desired time period. Aggregation allows you to edit the Functions and Intervals used to aggregate the raw data. Axis Option allows a Minimum and Maximum to be set on the chart display and colour coded Limit Lines can be used to help quickly compare data against specifications or expectations. Visit Chart Functions for further guidance.


Tip: All Users can open saved Visualisations but only Advanced Users can create them.