Chart Functions

Use chart functions to enhance your Visualisations in Data Studio.

Initial View

Upon accessing the Chart Functions, you will find a range of tools at your disposal. Here are some essential functions:

Initial view

  • Save Visualisation- preserve your charts and graphs for future reference or to share them with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Change Visualisation Style (dropdown)- customise the appearance of your Visualisations using the dropdown menu. Select from Line, Bar, Area or Timeline Chart styles to match your preferences or suit the context of your data.
  • Open Saved Visualisations - access your previously saved Visualisations. This feature enables you to revisit and edit your charts, ensuring that you can make real-time adjustments to reflect the latest data insights.
  • Export to CSV- export your chart data to CSV format for further analysis or integration with other applications.

Saved View

Manage and customise your saved views with an easy-to-use naming system.

Saved view

  • Edit the name - use the pencil button to change the name of your saved view and give your saved view a more descriptive or meaningful name.
  • Save changes - update changes using the dropdown next to the edit button.