Site and Location Filtering

An optional step to change and filter the data in your Visualisations by location.

By default, assets from your current site are loaded, but you have the option to customise this further if required. This means that if you have more than one Asset with the same name you can filter by Location. Users with multiple Sites can pull in data from other Sites.

  • Click on the pencil icon to open the ‘Data Source’ filters.
  • When the 'Data Source' window pops up you can scroll down the list of available options and start to filter the data you want to visualise. The available filter options include: 
    • Site (required field) - filter your data by site to focus solely on the assets associated with a particular Site. 
    • Location (optional) - refine your data further by filtering it based on specific Locations within a Site.
    • Sub-Location (optional) - for even more precise data selection, the Sub-Location filter allows you to drill down into data related to Sub-Locations within your selected Locations.
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