Overview of the Homepage

The RS Industria homepage consists of Locations, Asset Alerts and Dashboards.

  • Main Menu - In the top left-hand corner you will find the 3 line menu icon. Use this button to open the main menu, click on sections with a down arrow to see further options.
  • Locations - The Locations are listed next to the menu on the left-hand side. Click on the row to drill down into more detail. A current Alert status associated with each location is included in this list.
  • Asset Alerts – An overview of Alerts will appear on the right-hand side. These are categorised in 5 different levels of importance: Notification, Be Aware, Needs Attention, Urgent, and Critical. Click on them for a detailed list of Alerts. 
  • Dashboards - When you create your own Dashboards, they will be listed underneath the 'Asset Alerts' on the bottom right of the homepage. This provides easy access to customised reports.


Sub-location Overview