My data is not showing in the Data Studio.

Not seeing data? Check your Visualisation setup and contact support if further assistance is required.

 If you are unable to see data, there could be a few reasons for this: 

  • For new customers in the commissioning phase, Solution Engineers might still be involved, and data collection may not have started yet.
  • The Edge Gateway could have been offline for a certain period, leading to a lack of data during that time. This is usually due to a power interruption.
  • The Asset itself, a PLC controlling it, or the network infrastructure could be offline. If any one of them are, data will not be collected and not show in the data studio.
  • Ensure that you are looking at the correct timeframe, as data might not be available if it's before an Asset was set up to start recording data.

If your data is not showing in Data Studio check the following:

  • Asset and Parameter have been selected and click Add to Series.
  • Visualisation setup to ensure the correct data sources and filters are applied.
  • Verify the date range of your Visualisation to ensure it covers the desired period for data display.

Tip: Check time controls: expand the date range to at least 6 months, with a daily interval. This will allow you to view a broader scope of data.  

Account permissions will not restrict your view of Data Studio, it is available to view and analyse by Basic, Advanced and Admin users.

The RS Industria platform will only be unavailable or experiencing downtime if scheduled upgrades are taking place – if planned new releases are being rolled out this will be communicated via email/or warning messages within the platform.

If you do not see your data, please do not turn off your RS Industria Edge Gateway. It is possible the Edge Gateway is prevented from accessing the internet, so data is not visible, but it will store some data in its own memory. If you turn off the Edge Gateway this data will be lost.

Contact customer support if you require further assistance.