I am getting too many/few Alerts

If you are receiving too many Alerts, the setup of the Rule, Transition and Alert Notification can be reconfigured.

Go to Manage > Rules > Transitions > click the pencil to edit the Alert. Here you can:

  • Disable a Rule
    • No more Alerts, Occurrences, emails, or SMS’s will be sent/generated.
  • Change the Formula in a Transition
  • Add an Alert Buffer
  • Remove email or SMS notifications

I am getting too few/many Email/SMS notifications

The first time an Alert occurs, an email/SMS will be sent (if configured for that Transition). If the Alert occurs again (while the initial Alert is open), the occurrence count will increase, and no email or SMS will be sent – this is to avoid flooding your inbox. When an Alert is closed or deferred, any new occurrences will generate a new Alert and will send out a new email/SMS.

If you wish to be notified by email or SMS for each Alert Occurrence, please close or defer the Alert in Industria - only by actively managing the Alerts will you continue to get notifications.

If you wish to get less notifications via email, consider adding a note to the Alert explaining the situation but not closing it, and adding it to your organisation's existing action management system or CMMS. Later, you will be able to see how many occurrences have occurred and at what times. Once restoration activity has taken place, close the Alert and amend the Rule if standard operating conditions have changed.

I am getting too many Alert Occurrences

For a simple Rule, this is likely because the threshold is set too low. Let’s take and example where the Transition Formulas are:

  • Normal to Too High – Current [A] > 5
  • Too High to Normal – Current [A] < 4.5

If the Parameter measurements start at 4.0, rise but fluctuate above 4.5 and below 4.5 before rising to a consistent 5.0, multiple Alert occurrences will have been recorded. We principally recommend the Alert Buffer in this situation, which will wait a set amount of time before raising an Alert and if the Rule transitions again no Alert will be generated.

You can also lower the second transition, to potentially reduce the number of Alerts, for example:

  • Normal to Too High – Current [A] > 4.5
  • Too High to Normal – Current [A] < 4.2

If an Asset has malfunctioned and is generating Alerts, consider disabling the Rule until restoration activity has taken place. This way the Alerts in RS Industria will be meaningful, but please remember to enable the Alert again.