How do I use the Consumption functionality?

The Consumption functionality is a feature available within the Data Studio that allows users to analyse and interpret data related to Consumption.

How it works

When working with data that involves measuring Consumption, such as Total kWh, users can utilise Consumption functionality to gain valuable insights. When users encounter data that exhibits a constant rise over time, making it less visually engaging and informative, the consumption function can be used to provide meaningful insights and enhance the data's interpretability.

Selecting a Parameter for Consumption

Once a parameter that measures consumption, like Total kWh, is selected in the Data Studio, users can access the option under ‘Function’ for Consumption. This feature plays a pivotal role in transforming the raw data into a much more readable and actionable format.

Consumption Functionality in Practice

When the Consumption function is applied, it calculates the amount of the parameter 'consumed' in stages. This means that the data is aggregated or broken down into incremental Consumption values, allowing for a more granular and insightful analysis. With this type of Consumption data, it becomes easier to observe fluctuations in energy usage or Consumption patterns, enabling users to identify periods of higher or lower energy use more readily.

The Consumption function is tailored to work with specific parameters that have been configured for this type of data analysis. During the initial setup of the data platform, solution engineers configure the relevant parameters to enable this Consumption calculation.

Tip: By breaking down continuous Consumption data into hourly values, users can spot trends, fluctuations, and consumption patterns, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and optimise their energy usage or other Consumption-related processes.