How do I add a new user?

Managing users is a simple process but requires Admin User permissions to be able to make changes.

Go to Homepage > Setup > Users and add new User. The platform offers unlimited Users, which means any of your team can access RS Industria Alerts and Dashboards.

Follow these simple steps to add new Users:

  • Enter Username/Email (required) – An email containing the temporary password will be sent to the provided email address, which the User can use to log in for the first time.
  • Enter Name (required) – Provide the full name of the new User.
  • Enter Mobile Number (optional) – If you enter the User's mobile number, this is also used to communicate the temporary password by SMS.
  • Define Level of Access – Select the appropriate level of access for the new User. This defines their permissions and what actions they can perform within the system.


 Please note: the ability to add New Users is only available to Admin Users.