Definitions and functions of the RS Industria Rules & Alerts.


  • Rule constantly monitors Parameters for changes in real-time.
  • Checks against a User-inputted Formula to determine if the Rule is triggered.


  • A single data point or measurement being ingested into the RS Industria system.
  • For example, a Parameter can represent the ‘Current’ of an Asset.


  • Represents specific conditions that a Parameter can assume.
  • For instance, States are labelled as ‘Too High’ or ‘Normal’ based on predefined thresholds.


  • A Transition defines how a Parameter moves from one State to another based on the provided Formula.
  • Optionally, Transitions can raise an Alert when specific conditions are met.


  • An Alert is a system-generated warning that is triggered when a Rule's conditions are met, indicating a potential issue.
  • For example, an Alert may be ‘Motor Current Too High’ which informs Users about an abnormal situation.
  • Optional Notifications (email or SMS) can be sent to the User to provide real-time awareness of the detected issue.

A Rule will check for changes to a Parameter based on a Formula for each Transition.

When the Parameter data Transitions (moves) between states an Alert instance is generated and notifications are sent to users.