Set up your day-to-day tasks on a Dashboard for quick access to your data

Dashboards are a flexible way to show multiple charts, particularly if you need to regularly compare the same data. They are ideal for showing on large screens on the factory floor.

Site Dashboards

A Site Dashboard shows up to nine Visualisations in a single view, with easy access time controls. If you need to manipulate the data further, open the Visualisation in the Data Studio via the options menu (drop-down arrow) - you can also view each Visualisation in full-screen and export the data as a CSV.

01 screenshot of a dashboard - Blurred

Use the time controls at the top to change what data is shown in the charts.

Your site dashboards are listed on the homepage, click on a Dashboard to open it in a new tab.

02 homepage without folders - Edited

If you want to show a series of Dashboards on a larger screen, browser extensions can automatically rotate between tabs, keeping the information visible to colleagues.

How do I create a new Dashboard?

Only Advanced users or above can create Dashboards. To create a new dashboard, first create a Visualisation in the data studio which can then be used on a dashboard. If you don't have any Visualisations yet, see this article on saving Visualisations in the Data Studio.

Click 'New Dashboard' to create a new dashboard.

03 screenshot of new dashboard - Blurred

Before you can save, you need to add a Name. Click 'Add Widget' to add a Visualisation, you can add up to nine per Dashboard.

To edit a Dashboard, click 'Edit Dashboard' when viewing a Dashboard.

To delete a Dashboard, click 'Delete' when editing a Dashboard.

Dashboard Folders

Folders allow you to group dashboards, making it simpler to find the information you need.

04 screenshot of homepage with folders - Blurred

When editing by default, all dashboards have 'No Folder' selected. You can create a new folder, or use an existing one to group dashboards on the homepage. To remove a folder, simply stop using it in any Dashboards.

Utility Dashboards

These dashboards are created by RS Industria when your Site has Utility information configured. The summary chart will show the cost of Electricity, Gas and Water for your site, click on the dashboard buttons to get a more detailed view of each Utility.

05 screenshot utility widget - Blurred

06 screenshot electricity utility dashboard - Blurred

Asset Dashboard

On the Asset Overview page, you can also view Visualisations on the 'Dashboard' tab, these need to be initially configured by an Advanced or Admin user. 

07 asset dashboard with edit button visible - Blurred