Creating an Asset

Quickly and easily create Assets from the main menu.

Select Assets from the main menu

Click Create Asset button. 


You will then see the below screen in which you can input information regarding your Asset.


Name - Provide a descriptive name for the Asset. This is a required field and is essential for easy identification.

Asset Number - Enter a unique identifier or number for the Asset from your Site using free text. This helps in distinguishing Assets with similar names.

Location - Select the Asset's Location from a dropdown list.

Sub-Location - Choose the Sub-Location within the main Location, if applicable, from another dropdown list.

Parent Asset - If the Asset is part of a larger system or has a parent Asset, select it from the dropdown list. This establishes a hierarchical relationship.

Type - Specify the type or category of the Asset using free text. This helps in classifying Assets based on their characteristics.

Description - Provide additional details or notes about the Asset. This is a required field and gives more context to Engineers about the Asset's purpose or specifications.

Manufacturer - Enter the name of the Asset's manufacturer using free text.

Model - Enter the Asset's model using free text to identify the specific version of the Asset.

Part Number - Input the Asset's manufacturing part number using free text.

Date Installed - Use a calendar drop-down to select the date when the Asset was installed or put into service.

Criticality - Assign a numeric value to indicate the Asset's criticality level.

Please Note: Additional details can be added, with values.